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    Pennsylvania PTA State Office Address Update:
    Pennsylvania PTA
    5120 Derry St.
    PO Box 4767
    Harrisburg, PA 17111


    Important State Office Information - Effective March 25, 2023 

    Dear PA PTA Leaders:

    Effective March 25, 2023, our State Office will be closed until further notice.  Please direct your emails to the President as listed below: Or call (717)-564-8985 Beth Dale will answer your calls.
    Thank you for your assistance and understanding during this time.
    Beth Dale
    Pennsylvania PTA President 2023-2026

    Resources from Webinar - Small Games of Chance









  • Meet your NEW 2023 Board of Directors!!



    President -  Beth Dale -
    President-elect  -  Cindy Horner  -
    Treasurer -  Sherry Knauft -
    Secretary  -  Kelly Atkinson  -

    Region 1 Director  -  Vacant/ covered by Janice Cain -
    Region 2 Director - Janice Cain
    Region 3 Director - Amanda Opalko - Region
    Region 4 Director - Vacant/ covered by Bonnie Fagan  -  Region
    Region 6  Director -  Vacant/ Covered by Cindy Horner  -  Region
    Region 7  Director-   Vacant/Covered by Beth Dale -  Region
    Region 10 Director -  Vacant/Covered by Lisa King  -
    Region 11 Director-  Vacant/ covered by Kelly Atkinson  -
    Region 12 Director -  Vacant  - Maureen Ciaverella
    Region 13 Director -  Vacant/ covered by Jackie Cochrane  -
    Region 14 Director -  Vacant/ covered by Julie Renode -
    Region 15 Director - Vacant/Covered by  Sherry Knauft  -
    Region 16 Director - Vacant/

    Bylaws - Maureen Ciavarella  -
    Family Engagement  -  Jackie Cochrane -
    Legislation & Advocacy  - VACANT -  Amanda Opalko  -
    Membership & Extension -  Bonnie Fagan  -

    Health & Safety - Lisa King - Health&



    If you are interested in coming to the Board as a Region Director that has a vacant spot, please call the President and she will answer any questions you may have. We know that there are great leaders out there, maybe you just need to have as much faith as I do in some of you! Jump and build your wings on the way down. :0)

    Please direct all calls to Beth Dale, President, at (814) 327-0999 and leave a message or send a text and I will get back in touch with you!

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