• 2020-21 Reflections Deadlines

    Welcome to the Pennsylvania PTA's 2020-21 Reflections program, featuring the theme of "I Matter Because..." Here are the deadlines for this year's program. Please be sure to meet ALL deadlines, as delays at any level affect the following levels of judging. Please understand that Reflections chairs at all levels can disqualify entries that are received after the stated deadlines and/or do not meet the stated requirements.

    Please note that actual entries are to NOT leave their local schools this year. All local school chairs are to capture an electronic image for each entry advancing from the Visual Arts, Photography & Literature categories, along with the entry form, by photographing or scanning them onto a flash drive. Local school chairs need to copy any music, dance choreography and film entries, along with the entry form, that are advancing onto the same flash drive. The entries should be grouped together according to the art category (& then by the primary and intermediate grade divisions for elementary & possibly middle school PTA's). Special artist entries should be kept together in a separate file on the flash drive. Each entry should use the following information for its file name: student's first name.last name.title.category (VA-LIT-PHOTO-DANCE-MUSIC-FILM).grade division (PRIMARY-INT-MS-HS-SA).region #.name of PTA.

    October 16, 2020*   Deadline for local units (at the school level) to receive entries from students

                                          (allows for 4 weeks for local unit judging to take place)

                                    * Local units can set their deadline for a date earlier than October 16 but NOT later than that date

    November 20, 2020  Deadline for local units to advance up to 5 of their top entries in each art category/grade division to the Council level (or to the Region level if your PTA does not belong to a Council)

    (allows for 4 weeks for council judging to take place)

    December 18, 2020 →  Deadline for Councils to advance the top 3 winners in each art category/grade division to the

          Region Reflections Chair

    (allows for 4 weeks for regional judging to take place)

    January 22, 2021 →      Deadline for Regions to advance the top 3 winners in each art category/grade division to the

    State Reflections Chair

    Local units that are not in a Council MUST advance their winners directly to their Region Reflections Chair by November 20, 2020. PLEASE PLACE ALL ENTRIES, WITH A COPY OF THE STUDENT ENTRY FORM, ONTO A FLASH DRIVE. ALL ACTUAL ENTRIES REMAIN AT YOUR SCHOOL. You CANNOT delay advancing non-council entries as Region Reflections Chairs must have them judged before they are merged with any entries advancing from any Councils in the region. You can find the name of your Region Reflections Chair by clicking on your Region number on the PA PTA website (www.papta.org). If you don't know your region number, please use the link provided in the "Contents" column on the left of the Reflections page or contact Bonnie Fagan, PA PTA Arts in Education chair, at reflections@papta.org or (814) 449-0996. 

    Region Reflections Chairs judge all non-council entries from the local units as a group and then forward only the top 3 entries in each art category/grade division to be judged with the same number of entries that have advanced from any councils in the region for the regional judging.

    Chairman are responsible for delivering their advancing entries - ON A FLASH DRIVE - to the chair of the next level of judging.

    The first place winners in each art category/grade division at the state level are submitted to the national level of judging by March 1st. Pennsylvania PTA announces its state winners in early March. National PTA usually announces its winners on May 1st.

    Please remember the following rules, as any errors can result in a disqualification:

    - The entire student entry form MUST be fully completed and clearly written (including an address, phone number and email address). Missing and/or illegible information will result in the student's entry being disqualified.

    - ALL students MUST sign their forms. If unable to write their full name, students should write what they can for a signature or at least make a mark (even an "X").

    - The artist statement is MANDATORY. Please don't risk being disqualified by not providing one.

    - 2-D visual arts entries CANNOT exceed 12" x 16" (including matting). Entries larger than those dimensions will be disqualified.

    - Literature entries MUST include a word count on the entry form. PA PTA's maximum number of words for a literature entry is 1,000 words.