• 2018-19 Reflections Deadlines

    Dates are important. Time is precious. So we have made some changes to deadlines in order to have adequate time for judging at every level to help the program run smoother. Local units should plan to receive all entries no later than Friday, October 26 or Monday, October 29, 2018. Local units then have three weeks to judge all entries, and make sure all winners have their entry form CLEARLY AND COMPLETELY FILLED OUT to avoid disqualification,  before forwarding the top 5 in each art category/age division to Council (or Region if your PTA does not have a Council). Councils (and Regions) should NOT accept any artwork with illegible or incomplete entry forms.

    • Local units should submit all winners to Council by November 20, 2018.

    Local units not part of a Council should submit their winners to their Region Reflections Chair by the same date. You can find who your Region Reflections Chair is by clicking on your Region # on the www.papta.org website.

    • Councils should judge and forward the top 3 winners in each art category/age division to Region Reflections Chair by December 20, 2018.

    Region Reflections Chair should have judged all non-council entries from the local units to forward only the top 3 in each art category/age division to be judged at the next (Region) level by the same date.

    • Region Reflections Chair should judge and forward only the top 3 winners in each art category/age division to the State Reflections Chair by January 28, 2019.


    Chairmen moving artwork on to the next level have the responsibility of delivering artwork to the next level, and of picking it up after judging is complete.


    After State judging is complete, only the first place winners in each art category/age division are submitted to the National level of judging by March 1st.  National usually does not reveal their winners until May 1st.


    Everyone, please keep in mind:

    • 2D Visual Arts CANNOT exceed 12" x 16" with matting or it will NOT be accepted.
    • 3D Visual Arts pieces must be submitted with 3 photographs at 3 different angles. The ACTUAL 3D piece should NEVER leave the hands of the local Reflections chairman. At all council, non-council, region and state levels, the photographs only are used for judging. Local chairmen do NOT send on 3D pieces - they will not be judged.
    • Literature word-counts should be included on student entry forms.
    • The entire student entry form must be fully completed.
    • The artist statement must be included. Please don't miss points in judging because it's missing!
    • All signature and information must be clearly written (including addresses and phone numbers). Missing and/or illegible information will result in the student's entry being disqualified.