• Clarity in differences between local, state and national rules....
    Local units can decide what art categories they want to offer the students, how many winners they want to award, etc.  But we must know that when submitting entries to the next level, it must be in compliance with what the state expects.  For example, you may award 10 winners in each category but you still only forward the top 3.  You cannot add to the PA PTA State rules. For example, you cannot add an different art category, as PA PTA will only accept the current 6 categories but, if you do not want to offer all 6, that is at the discretion of your local unit.  The same applies to the state rules. PA PTA has the right to change our rules and they may not match exactly with National PTA but, when submitting the winning entries, they have to be in compliance with National PTA expectations.  We have discussed ways that would help our students' entries advance further. For example, we no longer accept collages under photography. We believe having a single photo that is big enough to see the details would be more likely to advance.  PA PTA lowered the maximum number of words on the literature entries to 1,000, while National PTA accepts up to 2,000 words, as we want to encourage the students to do their best writing within that limit. We have witnessed firsthand that judges lose interest when an entry is too long and we don't want that for our students. So, be sure the word count is part of the information under literature on the entry form.  We also decreased the maximum size of 2D visual arts entries to 12"x16" so the artwork can be mailed easily and judges can see the piece in person.  Also, 3D work became disconnected, etc. in traveling so our students need to take the best photos in 3 different views/angles to submit and be judged at the next level. Make sure your artist statement is clearly written to connect your piece to the theme.
    How many entries do I forward at the local level? council level? region level?
    Local level forwards "the top 5 entries"....Council level forwards "the top 3 entries"...Region level forwards "the top 3 entries."
    IMPORTANT!!!!  Your judges should not have ties for first through third or fifth places BUT if, for some reason, that happens, ONLY THE TOP 3 OR 5 ENTRIES GET FORWARDED. If you had a first place, two second places, and a third place winners on the council level, you CANNOT send the third place entry because it won "third place." YOU MAY ONLY SEND 3 ENTRIES, so the first and the two second place entries will make up your TOP 3.  
    Is it true that a student can only submit one photography entry?
    NOT TRUE. THE SUMMARY OF RULES RELATES TO EACH ENTRY, NOT THE OVERALL PROGRAM.To clarify, the rule for photography is for each entry to be of one single photo, instead of a collage of photos. If a student took four photos, he should enter four separate entries.  This is to benefit the student.  Like in our official rules, students may enter in as many categories as many times as he/she would like!