• 2019-20 Reflections Entry Form

    (click above to download)

    This form should not be modified at all.

    It must be COMPLETELY FILLED OUT ON THE LOCAL LEVEL before any artwork is forwarded on to the next level of judging.

    TIP FOR LOCAL UNIT (SCHOOL) CHAIRS - Save a LOT of time! In addition to the "PTA Information" box at the bottom of the second page (which you REALLY want to complete before copying forms for distribution), also fill in the "State," "Region" & "Council" (if your PTA is in one) fields on the front of the form. If you are at a middle or high school, you can also mark that appropriate line. You definitely want to write in ALL of the details in the "PTA Information" box BEFORE you copy your forms or you will have to write all of it on every student form for entries that are advancing to the next level of judging. Your president, treasurer and/or membership chair can provide all of the required dates for your IRS 990 Form submission date and your bylaws and audit approval dates. Your PTA must submit a portion of its membership dues by September 30 each year BUT you will need to write in a date on your student entry form BEFORE you copy it, which will likely be in early September, so you should talk with your president, membership chair & treasurer NOW about sending in even just the dues for this year's officers ASAP so you can use that date on your entry form.

    • Please use complete name of PTA/school - NO acronyms (NHS, WCMS)
    • State PA, Region #, Council (if applicable), Local Unit, Homeroom - to make it easier to return artwork
    • Grade division marked clearly
    • Arts Category marked clearly
    • Artist's title and statement are extremely for the judging process - worth 20 out of 40 points and individual score is used to break any ties. This statement must express how your work relates to the theme. Entries received without either a title and/or artist's statement can be disqualified.
    • Artist's name and contact information: it cannot be changed once submitted and cannot be submitted without BOTH student and parent signatures.
    • Arts Category specific questions must be filled out completely as it relates to your medium and content. Without initials to verify its originality, judges cannot assume it is the artist's work.
    • Local PTA unit and chairman information must also be complete to show they are in good standing and to be sure we have the proper information to return work and ask questions if needed.