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    All Reflections chairs should always print and review the PTA PA's Summary of Rules every year. There are several changes to the PA PTA Summary of Rules this year, which are highlighted below. These rules are specific to the state of Pennsylvania and must be followed. Some of them are different than the National PTA Reflections' rules so the rules for our state must be followed.
    - No actual entries that are advancing to the next level of judging should leave your school. You need to capture an electronic image for each entry advancing from the Visual Arts, Photography & Literature categories by photographing or scanning them onto a flash drive. You then need to copy any music, dance choreography and film entries that are advancing onto the same flash drive. Music composition entries from middle and high school only will require an extra file for the music notation. You should capture the student entry form (by taking a photo or scanning it) and create a separate file for it that is included right after the actual entry on the flash drive. The entries should be grouped together according to the art category and then by the primary and intermediate grade divisons for elementary PTA's only. Special artist entries should be kept together. Each entry should use the follow information for its file name: student first name.last name.title.category (VA-LIT-PHOTO-DANCE-MUSIC-FILM).grade division (PRIMARY- INT-MS-HS-SA).region #.name of PTA/school.