• 2016 President’s Report as given by Debbie Munson at the 2016 Convention

    It is now my honor and duty to present the Report of the President. This report is given so all members are informed of what the President and the Board of Managers are doing to further the Mission of PTA and to continue the long history of advocating for children.

    There are times, and I am sure we all have had them, when you wonder if this work, what we are doing, really is worth it. At the beginning of March, I received an email from the Erie County Council President, Jamie Hayford. Attached was a letter, part of which I would like to read to you. It was from Ruth Davis, wife of Dewey Davis who passed away in September of 2014.

    In the letter she said: Dewey taught at the University of Texas at San Antonio for 15 years. When he retired, he was honored to be the first Professor Emeritus of UTSA.

    It is hard to imagine that all of his career was started because of a $100 scholarship from the PTA in 1946. As a result of this gift, Dewey touched the lives of thousands of students in his 37 years of doing what he loved.

    This scholarship lit the spark for Dewey to attend college and eventually he earned his PHD. He then went on to set up an endowment scholarship fund to assist undergraduates pursuing science teaching careers.  In an article, Ruth stated that the impact of that $100 was limitless. Because of that $100 a young man went to college, earned his masters and PHD. This encouraged her to earn her bachelor’s and master’s degrees. It also encouraged their siblings, children and grandchildren and countless others to attend college. A true domino effect.

    So YES, what we do does indeed make a difference!

     The Pennsylvania PTA was represented at the following events and organizations:


    ·         Erie County Council

    ·         Campaign for Fair Education Funding

    ·         Strengthening Families Leadership Team

    ·         Region 3 Reflections Program

    ·         Pennsylvania Training & Technical Assistance Network: Family Engagement

    ·         Center for Safe Schools: Bullying in Sports

    ·         Baldwin-Whitehall Founder’s Day Program

    ·         National PTA Convention

    ·         State President/State President-Elect training

    ·         National PTA Advocacy call

    ·         Lights on Afterschool

    ·         Pennsylvania Statewide After School Youth Development Network

    ·         NPTA programs

    ·         Site visit for Convention 2016

    ·         Pennsylvania State Education Association

    ·         Call with National PTA President

    ·         Office of Child Develoment & Early Learning: Family Engagement Conference

    ·         National PTA’s webinar on Understanding the Many Perceptions of Hispanic Families

    ·         Family Involvement Conference

    ·         Safe Schools Conference

    ·         Pennsylvania Arts Education Network

    ·         National PTA’s Legislative Conference

    ·         National PTA’s Treasurers’ call

    ·         National PTA Reflections call

    To name a few.


    Additionally here are some of the highlights of this past year:

    ·         Worked with the Bylaws and Policies Chairman and Committee, the  Parliamentarian and our attorney to complete the bylaws revision

    ·         Met with the office staff and my consultants

    ·         Talked with representatives from American Dairy Association

    ·         Filled out and filed the sales tax-exemption form for Pennsylvania PTA

    ·         Received tax exempt certificate approval

    ·         Met with Betty Brdar to hold the school breakfast program contest

    ·         Contacted our teleconference company about not being able to put more time on our account. Received a new number when minutes ran out and we now have free teleconference capabilities

    ·         Accepted a bid to have our books audited and had the audit done, which was presented to the delegates at this convention

    ·         Planned and held Leadership Training in State College

    ·         Diversity & Inclusion and Membership & Extension plans were approved sent to NPTA, along with other standards of affiliation documents as required by National PTA. Yes, the State PTAs also have Standards of Affiliation that we must do

    ·         Received confirmation from National PTA that all Standards of Affiliation documents were received

    ·         Attended Region 1 training

    ·         Implemented the use of flash drives, instead of discs that were only able to be used once, to back-up servers as a cost saving measurement

    ·         Attended a Publisher class

    ·         Sent out a survey to the membership

    ·         Met with investment advisors

    ·         worked at finding sponsors to help pay for the mailing of PTA in Pennsylvania and the President’s Mailings and Convention

    ·         Reviewed and updated the Strategic Plan for Pennsylvania PTA

    ·         Asked that bids be sent out to remove the trees in the front yard and replace the pipe in the front yard, and resurface the back parking lot.