2016-2017 Reflection Winners
Region 12
Photography Middle School 1st Kalliope Mullen At Coca Cola Park West Vincent
Middle School 2nd Kalliope Mullen Stone Harbor 120St Beach West Vincent
Middle School 3rd Carringon Louis More Than A Pony French Creek
Dance Choreography Intermediate 1st Maya Smith This Is Me French Creek
Intermediate 2nd Katie Kolloner Good To Be Alive French Creek
Literature Primary 1st Gavin King We Love Rocky French Creek
Intermediate 1st Elisa Graczyk Blast Off French Creek
Intermediate 2nd Liam King I Am French Creek
Intermediate 3rd Abigail Smith My Story West Vincent
Film Production Primary 1st Johanna Troutman Biking Time with My Dad French Creek
Primary 2nd Johanna Troutman My Fun Exercising in Daddy's Gym French Creek
Intermediate 1st Hannah Harmanos Drawing My Life West Vincent
Visual Arts 2D Primary 1st Christopher Strawbridge My Tree of Life West Vincent
Primary 2nd Kaylynn Kercher Be Who You Are French Creek
Primary 3rd Carter Loughin Carter's World French Creek
Intermediate 1st Jane Hummel My 5000 Page Story West Vincent
Intermediate 2nd Jimmy Noon The Story of a Boy West Vincent
Intermediate 3rd Anastazia Groth The Library of Imagination French Creek
Middle School 1st Kiera Dixon My Colorful Inspiration French Creek
Middle School 2nd Heather Wagner Dance with your head not your feet French Creek
Middle School 3rd Carrington Louis What's In the Mirror? French Creek
Visual Arts 3D Primary 1st Tony Horosky Oh The Places I Go French Creek
Primary 2nd Cooper Groth French Creek
Intermediate 1st Morgan Frederick French Creek