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Local units should have their judging complete and have had submitted all winners to Council by December 3, 2016.  Local units not part of a Council should submit their winners to their Region Reflections Chair by the same date. You can find who your Region Reflections Chair is by clicking on your Region # on the website.

Councils should be in the process of judging right now and then forwarding the top 3 in each art category/age division to Region Reflections Chair (or their region director or REGION 11 should submit theirs to the state office) by January 7, 2017.  Region Reflections Chair should be judging all non-council entries from  the local units to forward only the top 3 in each art category/age division to be judged at the next (Region) level by the same date.

Region Reflections Chair should judge and forward only the top 3 winners in each art category/age division FLASHDRIVES (and/or discs) to the State Reflections Chair by February 4, 2017. Details of the judging process on the state level (explained in this month's issue of PTA in PENNSYLVANIA)  will be completed using flash drives and/or discs only.

After State judging is complete, only the first place winners in each art category/age division are submitted to National level of judging by March 1st.  National usually does not reveal their winners until May 1st.

We need each other.  We can learn from each other.  And when we collaborate, we continue to come up with more ideas to run this program more smoothly and effectively and ultimately, work to help our students go farther. 

Yes, there is more…much more…too much to write in this article so please, follow us on the Reflections page on the website and reach out with any questions!  We can’t say thank you enough for joining us and working to offer this amazing Reflections program to our students and by the end of this year, we want to hear “What Is YOUR Story?!”

 Cheering you on!!!!  Nellie Connolly, Arts In Education Chair  570-955-9924

Everyone has a story and there are so many parts to each story. Which part of your story is amazing?...inspiring?
What part of your story do you want to share with the world?  Please share!

PTA believes all children deserve quality arts education and we encourage students to pursue artistic expression through participation in the Reflections Program. We hope that you will encourage your students to enter during the 2015-2016 year....

Nellie Connolly, Arts in Education Chairman
21 Kane Street
Carbondale, PA 18407