1.  Audit Reports - Due By October 15th:

All PTA’s are required to forward a signed copy of all audit reports to the state office immediately following their adoption by the general membership. (See here - - for more information.) In the event of embezzlement, robbery or theft, your PTA’s Bond Policy coverage may be voided if you do not meet these requirements: 

     (1) conduct an annual audit/review of the books by an audit/review committee or qualified account;
     (2) have the monthly bank reconciliation reviewed and signed by someone who does not have authorization to sign checks.

You can scan/email to or mail to Pennsylvania PTA, 4804 Derry Street, Harrisburg, PA 17111. 

2.  Insurance - Due By October 15th - Make sure your PTA insurance is up to date as soon as possible. For more information - go here:
3. Membership Dues into Pennsylvania PTA, post marked by October 15th.
4.  990s - Due November 15th. 990s go to the IRS - needed to keep your Tax Exempt status. Forms are located here. A copy must be sent to the State office, at the above address, as well.

Additional Deadlines & Events:

*Spring Training - If there is interest, email me at -- I'll plan to hold it sometime during the week of May 2nd through the May 6th, in the evening, 6 to 8 or 9.

Due Dates for Reflections entries:
Start Reflections Program at the Local PTA - October 8 
The Local PTA sends to the Council Chair (if they are in a council) - October 30, 2015
Local PTA (not in a council) sends to Region Chair - October 30, 2015
Council  PTA sends to Region Chair - November 30, 2015
Region sends to State Chair - January 8, 2016