• Ways to Join


    Joining PTA allows you to make a difference in your child’s life, no matter where you join. There are different ways for you to be involved:

    Join your local unit. Join the PTA near you. It may be a PTA affiliated with a particular school, or community PTA, that covers several schools. Use the look-up feature on National PTA's site to find your local  PTA, then contact the school or PTA president, and join.

    Join Keystone PTA. As a supporter of children, education, and PTA, we invite you to become a member of the Keystone PTA. The Keystone PTA, a state-wide PTA unit, was created for individuals who care about children, believe in the mission of the PTA and would like to become a member, but are not necessarily affiliated with a specific school or community based PTA.

    Join National PTA. If you are concerned with advocacy, or want more materials than a local PTA membership provides, consider joining the national PTA unit. You’ll get a print version of the official PTA magazine, as well as all the same great benefits of local membership. Join as a national member now. 

    Start a Unit. If you are a parent, school employee, or concerned citizen in a school without a PTA, starting a new unit is easy to do. Whether there is no parent group activity at your school now, or your existing parent group wants to realize all the benefits of PTA membership, please contact the Pennsylvania PTA’s at              (717) 564-8985.