The Pennsylvania PTA Passport to Leadership Recognition Program

    A program of continuous learning and recognition for PTA leaders and members
    The PTA Passport to Leadership Program is designed to recognize PTA members for their commitment to leadership and non-profit management in education. Today, more than ever before, life-long learning is a goal and an expectation for many individuals.

    Pennsylvania PTA offers you the opportunity to be recognized for the advancement of your own personal learning goals, in your service to children and families.

    This program is based on the concept of continuing education credits accrued for attendance at workshops and programs held at  region and state levels of the Pennsylvania PTA.

    Events at region and state levels are assigned credits for workshops and programs. Participants in these programs will complete a form at the end of each workshop or program attended, requesting Continuing Leadership Credit (CLCs). A record of these credits is kept in the state PTA office.

    In March of each year, these credits are tallied. Members achieving each level of leadership will be recognized at the annual convention with the presentation of their leadership awards and by announcement in PTA in Pennsylvania.

    Passport to Leadership Recognition Program Levels of Achievement
    Charter Level36 PTA CLCs
    Achievement Level72 PTA CLCs
    Advanced Level108 PTA CLCs

    Charter members will receive a Charter Level Leadership pin upon receiving 36 CLCs. In subsequent years, members will receive supplements for their pins at the completion of an additional 36 credits at the Achievement Level and an additional 36 credits at the Advanced Level. After achieving 108 CLCs, members will require 12 credits per year to maintain their active Advanced Leadership Level status.

    All members may work at their own speed to accrue credits. The program began at the 2002 Summer Leadership Conference. Below is a list of PTA CLC opportunities.

    PTA CLC Opportunities
    EventPossible PTA CLCs
    PA PTA Annual Convention

    Up to 181

    Region Leadership Conference 2


    Leadership Training8
    Region Meeting2
    Other State Sponsored EventsVaries by event
    State PTA Webinars1
    1Credits will be issued based on events attended during convention, e.g. workshop = 1 credit; general meeting=3 credits; etc.

    2In order to be classified as a Leadership Conference the event must include at least two training workshops and be at least 3 hours in length.

    3Number of credits will be included in the promotion of the event.

    This program is a self-reporting system. Completion forms will be available at each event, workshop, and program granted credits. It will be the responsibility of the Passport member to submit the form(s) at the completion of each workshop or program, indicating attendance.