• Pennsylvania PTA Milestones
    Pennsylvania PTA was the second state PTA to be chartered in the nation, founded in 1899 as the Pennsylvania Congress of Mothers. Mrs. Hannah Kent Schoff was the founder and first president. PTA's name was changed to the Pennsylvania Congress of Parents and Teachers in 1924 and was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1926.

    At the beginning of the 20th Century, Pennsylvania PTA fought for child labor laws to keep children in school beyond the sixth grade, and protect them from becoming poorly paid child laborers in coal mines, sweat shops, factories and as servants in the homes of those more affluent. During the Great Depression, Pennsylvania PTA helped to feed hungry families. In the 1950s, PTA volunteers rallied to help immunize Pennsylvania children against polio. During the 1980s, Pennsylvania PTA joined the National PTA in working for adequate seat-belt and child restraint laws to protect children in vehicles.

    Today, Pennsylvania PTA continues its efforts to advocate for children in areas of health, safety, welfare and education.

    Over the last century, Pennsylvania PTA has been instrumental in:
    • securing adequate child labor laws
    • establishing and promoting school lunch programs
    • organizing and improving school libraries
    • initiating community service and wartime projects
    • assisting in immunizing children against polio
    • supporting arts education in classrooms
    • promoting improved sports and playground safety
    • advocating for mandatory kindergarten
    • seeking adequate and equitable distribution of state funds for education