Here is a bullet point check-list:

    • Council Reflection Chairs will arrange with their Region Director/ Region Reflections Chair-person to move their top 3 winning entries to Region level judging by January 5, 2018 deadline.
    • BE SURE you included your completed participation, inventory and entry forms AND they are filled in FULLY, signed and initaled. These properly completed forms ensure that your students entries move onto the next level of judging without risk of disqualification. Also, it ensures that the entries get returned to the correct Region/Council/Local chair-people.
    • Please check YOUR Region's 'PAGE' on papta.org for information on who your contact is. Please remember it is the resposibility of the chair-person MOVING entries to the next level of judging to ensure the entries get to the next level chair-person.
    • Region  level chairs should have all their entries from their councils and non-councils by now.
    • Region chairs please be certain to complete all proper forms and email on to PA PTA Reflections Chair, Kathy Ramos

    ************NEW FOR REGION CHAIRS**********

    • Please fill in and complete the Region PTA Medals Form found on Reflections tab to the left.

    Feel free to contact me with any questions: Kathy Ramos: reflections@papta.org

    THANK YOU for ensuring that Arts in Education is alive and well in your area!!!




    Kathy Ramos, your new PA PTA Arts in Education Chair for 2017-2019             


     Kathy Genovese Ramos, R.R.T, R.C.S.

    Kathy has been involved with PTA at the local, council and region levels since 2006. She has held several local executive board and committe positions, such as: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, birthday committee, Reflections, yearbook, dance, holiday celebration, book fair, Dr. Seuss Day, 'Warm hands warm heart' drive,  Storybook fairs, Scholarship, and mini-grant committees. Kathy has held several Council officer positions since 2013, such as: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Reflections, Health and Safetey Chair, and Family Engagement Chair. She has acted as a local Reflections chair for seven years, Council Reflections chair for six years and Region Reflections chair for 2 years. Kathryn has attended two PA PTA state conventions and one National PTA Convention the year her oldest son was chosen as a National Youth Summit Leader.

    Professionally, Kathy has a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Hartford in Respiratory Therapy and Biology. She is a Registered Respiratory Therapist and a Registered Cardiac Sonographer which has brought her through several ICU's, Pediatrics, NICU's, Emergency departments, Life Flight and several private Cardiology practices. She has also worked as an adjunct Clinical Professor for Respiratory Therapy.

    Currently, Kathy is NPAC PTA President, Girl Scout leader, and a RCIC teacher. Kathryn is married to Dr. Julio A. Ramos and is the mother of Gabriel, 17years old, Francesca, 13 years old and Angelo, 8 years old. They reside in Covington Township, Pa.