• What is Annual Convention?


    The annual convention of the Pennsylvania PTA is the official business meeting of the state PTA, which is held in the fall.


    At convention, delegates:

    • Meet and greet new and old friends
    • Meet and talk with state board members
    • Attend workshops on timely issues and important topics
    • Gain valuable leadership skills
    • Browse exhibitor booths (fund raising, educational enrichment, arts in education programs, non-profit organizations)
    • Elect officers
    • Amend state bylaws
    • Adopt resolutions and the legislative program which determines the direction of the state PTA
    • Attend hospitality events
    • Attend the convention banquet
    • Meet and hear from representatives from the National PTA

    Local PTA members provide input on much of the convention business. Local PTAs may nominate state officers in election years, suggest bylaw changes, provide input on the legislative program, and submit resolutions for consideration.

    YOU are the PTA.

    Be certain your voice is heard!