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    At a time when PTA budgets are tight and schedules are even tighter, e-learning is a solution for members looking to expand their skills cost-effectively and without the need to travel. This e-learning initiative is a step toward achieving PTA’s goal of making all members informed advocates by 2020.

    Choose from the following courses, and look for new courses to be added throughout the year. Each course takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete and can be revisited repeatedly for more practice.

    PTA Basics—Discover the history and structure of PTA, as well as the programs and issues that the national network of PTA members undertakes across the country to strengthen parent involvement in every school. (Course designed for emerging local leaders.)

    Grant Writing—Does your PTA need more non-dues revenue to use in the school or community? Get familiar with the grant-writing process by taking a free introductory course on the basics of grant application.

    Conflict Management—Learn the basic principles and techniques of conflict management by immersing yourself in a simulated real-life situation, guided by immediate feedback and expert advice.

    Planning and Goal Setting—Developed around a five-step process from Franklin Covey, this course contains printable tools and exercises for use in setting and reaching your goals.

    Parliamentary Procedure—We have all attended a meeting where there were no objectives, people interrupted each other, conversation was dominated by arguing, and decisions weren’t made fairly or in a timely manner (or at all!). Learn how rules of conduct positively effect the decisions a PTA makes while ensuring fair and orderly unit operations.

    Running a Successful PTA Program—Outlines the steps for taking a program idea from concept to reality to meet the needs in your school. (Course designed for both emerging and current local PTA leaders.)

    Effective Advocacy for Your Child—Organize around local issues and address them to benefit the needs of children and your community. (Course designed for emerging local leaders.)

    Writing and Proposing PTA Resolutions—This course combines "stories from the field" with advice from members on researching and drafting resolutions and a checklist for writing and proposing resolutions.

    Planning Your PTA Year—Disorganized volunteer projects lower enthusiasm and make people wonder why they tried to get involved in the first place. This course sets you up for a successful year, assisting your planning and goal setting.