2021-2022 Region 12 Reflection Winners

  • 2021-2022 Region 12 Reflection Winners


    Middle School                  1st  Katelyn Blattner      East Coventry Elementary

                                               “Believe in Yourself and you can change the world”


    Intermediate                    1st  Ava LaGrossa            French Creek Elementary

                                               “How to change the World”

    High School                       1st Alayna Rodner          Owen J Roberts High School

                                                “Kangaroo Court”


    Primary                              1st Ayana Arora              West Vincent Elementary

                                               “Lets be friends forever and ever”


    Primary                              1st Pratham Juvadi         West Vincent Elementary

                                               “ I will change the world by keeping it clean”

    Middle School                   1st Katelyn Blatther        East Coventry Elementary

                                                “The Red Flowers”

                                                 2nd Paige Iannarino        East Coventry Elementary

                                                “Beautiful Mother Nature”


    Primary                              1st Juniper O`Connell      French Creek Elementary

                                                “Save the Animals”

                                                2nd Camryn Ehrenzeller   East Coventry Elementary

                                                “ Be a Light “

    Intermediate                    1st Aaron Campbell           East Coventry Elementary

                                               “Kindness Confetti”


    Middle school                   1st Logan Taylor                French Creek Elementary

                                               “Saving our Planet”

                                                 2nd Paige Iannarino         East Coventry Elementary

                                                “Recycling is Good”

                                                 3rd Paige Iannarino          East Coventry Elementary

                                                “ Everybody Recycle”

    High School                        1st Alayna Rodner            Owen J Roberts High School

                                                 “Little Italy”

                                                 2nd Brooke Banniger        Owen J Roberts High School


                                                 3rd Kiera Dixon                  Owen J Roberts High School

                                                 “In Color”