Even with technological advances that allow parents to track their child's academic progress remotely, and more transparency in student date (such as test scores and attendance rates), face-to-face interaction between parents and teachers is still the cornerstone of school family engagement efforts. These newly revised Parent-Teacher Conference Tip Sheets provide key strategies for both parents and teachers to walk into conferences informed and prepared, in order to ensure the most successful outcomes. A tip sheet aimed at school principals also outlines how school administrators can support parents and teachers to that end. 
    Designed to be used as a set, the tip sheets combine consistent information with targeted suggestions, so that parents and educators enter conferences with shared expectations and increased ability to work together to improve children's educational outcomes.
    This tool is a powerful resource for families and educators alike.
    This resource is part of the October 2010 FINE Newsletter.  The FINE Newsletter shares the newest and best family involvement research and resources from Harvard Family Research Project and other field leaders. To access the FINE Newsletter archive, click here