• REGION 2 REFLECTIONS WINNERS                                       


    Theme: “Look Within”


    Visual Arts 2D/3D---Primary

    Courtney Weinreich           1st       “Pumpkins Like People”     Rowan Elementary PTA          

    Reece Leslie                     2nd       “Alien Friends”                 Rowan Elementary PTA    

    Reece Leslie                     3rd       “The Inside Matters”         Rowan Elementary PTA        


     Visual Arts 2D/3D---Intermediate

    Anna Ching                     1st    “Secrets of Nature”                             Rowan Elementary PTA

    Trevor Wheatley               2nd   “Look Within the Four Stroke Engine”  Apollo Ridge PTA                         

    Jairen Lynch                     3rd    “Who I Am”                                       Apollo Ridge Elem PTA


    Film Production Primary

    Yasmeen Fahs         1st       “ Culture at a Glance”                   Rowan Elementary PTA



    Film Production Intermediate

    Trevor Wheatley    1st    “Look Within the Four Stroke Engine”     Apollo Ridge PTA                                          

    Caden Weinreich    2nd   “Pumpkins Seeds”                               Rowan Elementary PTA          


    Photography Primary

    Asher Lippert             1st           “Flower Power”                     Rowan Elementary PTA

    Bryce Miller                2nd          “The Frost”                          Rowan Elementary PTA



    Photography Intermediate

    Jonathan Brower               1st       “Look Between”                   Rowan Elementary PTA

    Will Shank                         2nd       “Dreams Within”                Apollo Ridge Elem PTA

    Zooey Steckbeck                3rd       “The Real You”                    Rowan Elementary PTA



    Literature Primary

    Briggs Andree                     1st        “The Fluffy Find”                Apollo Ridge Elem PTA


    Literature   Intermediate

    Jonathan Brower                 1st       “My Trip to Franklin Institute”     Rowan Elementary PTA

    Dillon Long                          2nd      “Stuff that You can look within”  Apollo Ridge Elem PTA

    Paige Sikora                         3rd      “Look And See”                         Apollo Ridge Elem PTA