Region 3 Reflections Winners 2019-2020        

    Theme: “Look Within”

    Visual Arts 2D/3D---Primary

    1st  Logan Corson                 “Rainbow Rain”                                                       Pivik PTA

    2nd  Isabella Van Orden     “Dreams Within Me”                                                   Pivik PTA             

    3rd  Alayna Lesutis               “Don’t Judge Someone By the Look of Them”      Homeville Elementary PTA

    4th  Katherine Long             “Natrisha and the Rainbow Person”                       Stephen C. Foster PTA

    5th  Brayden Paul Laird      “In Your Heart”                                                      Pivik PTA

    HM Isaac Campbell            “Isaacs Zoo”                                                         Homeville Elementary PTA

    HM Kendra Feschuk           “Everything Looks Within”                                      Homeville Elementary PTA


     Visual Arts 2D/3D---Intermediate

    1st  Arshavir Pradhan         “In Search of Gentleness"                                       Edwin Markham PTA

    2nd  Clare Bigham                  “Rising from the Ashes”                                     Edwin Markham PTA

    3rd  Ava Elizabeth Sorley    “A Tour of Me”                                                       Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA

    4th  Julia Ghil                            "The Flower of Who”                                       Edwin Markham PTA

    5th  Sadie Thomas                  "Endangered"                                                   Pivik PTA

    HM Danielle Parsons           "Stained glass Love"                                              Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA

    HM Finn McKinley                “See Me”                                                              Pivik PTA


    Visual Arts 2D/3D---Middle     

    1st  Zoe Paige Taylor              “Past the Mask”                                                     Mellon Middle School PTA

    2nd  Nadia d’Arrigo             “What Creatures Do You See?”                                   Mellon Middle School PTA


    Visual Arts 2D/3D---High School

    1st  Shytarrah Gardner           “Look Within Emotion”                                          West Mifflin Area High School PTSA

    2nd  Allison Paige Yeschenko “The Storm Within”                                                West Mifflin Area High School PTSA

    3rd  Dasani Xavier Green                       “Look Within a Strong Woman"               West Mifflin Area High School PTSA


    Visual Arts 2D/3D---Special Artist

    1st  Cadence Sheperd             “bright red heart"                                                   West Mifflin Area High School PTSA

    2nd  Kailey Eggert                      “The Nature of Beauty"                                        West Mifflin Area High School PTSA

    3rd  Victor Shen                        “Sweet Home”                                                     Thomas Jefferson Elementary School PTA

    4th  Victor Shen                          “Now and Then”                                                 Thomas Jefferson Elementary School PTA


    Dance Choreography Primary

    1st  Kinley Christ                         “Strong Girl”                                                        Pivik PTA                                                      


    Dance Choreography Intermediate

    1st  Natalie Sear                         “Girl on Fire”                                                         Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA 

    2nd  Adalyn Halasowski           “Unbreakable”                                                            Pivik PTA

    3rd  Ava Flood                              “Be Yourself"                                                        Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA

    4th  Stella Piper                           “Dear Kyra, Love Stella”                                         Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA


    Photography Primary

    1st  Isabella Van Orden            “The Pieces of My Heart"                                               Pivik PTA

    2nd  Isabella Van Orden            “Inspired"                                                                   Pivik PTA

    3rd  Vivian Thomas                      “The Path”                                                              Thomas Jefferson Elementary School PTA

    4th  Elena Mares                         “Happiness”                                                             Stephen C. Foster PTA 

    5th  Jeremy Ahrens                     “Find the Rock”                                                        Pivik PTA

    HM Clara McRee                         “The Great Flower”                                                   Edwin Markham PTA


    Photography Intermediate

    1st  Catherine Thomas                “Nature’s Pointillism”                                                Thomas Jefferson Elementary School PTA

    2nd  Sarah Berdyck                        “Adventure Within a Book”                                     Edwin Markham PTA         

    3rd  Gavin Bosway                        “Nature is Natural”                                                 West Mifflin Middle School PTSA

    4th  Alexander Lauver                 “Where the Music Happens”                                      Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA

    5th   Landon Theiss                       “Frame of Life”                                                      Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA

    HM Brooke Corey                        “Photography – this is me!”                                     Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA


    Photography Middle School

    1st  Emily Thomas                  “Beneath a Shell”                                                      Jefferson Middle School PTA

    2nd  Piper Bozick                    “Bison, not Buffalo”                                                   Mellon Middle School PTA

    3rd  Sophia London                 “Glowing from Within”                                               Jefferson Middle School PTA

    4th  Brent Kolesar                   “Relaxing with Legos"                                              West Mifflin Middle School PTSA


    Photography High School

    1st  Anna Mares                              “Walk Two Moons”                                           Mount Lebanon High School PTSA

    2nd  Anna Mares                             “Eye of the Beholder"                                      Mount Lebanon High School PTSA

    3rd  Harrison James Lilley               “Chasing a Win"                                               Mount Lebanon High School PTSA   


    Music Compositon Intermediate

    1st  Elora Rose Marie Tighe          “Waters Edge”                                                   Washington Elementary School PTA                                                       

    2nd  Alexander Lauver                   “High Jump”                                                     Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA

    3rd  TJ Dworek                              “Finding Myself”                                              Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA                                                 


    Music Composition Middle

    1st  Addison Alexander                   “Lost”                                                                Mellon Middle School PTA


    Film Production Intermediate

    1st   Marko Janjic                               “Lil’ Bee Stings”                                               Edwin Markham PTA                 

    2nd  Michael Fischer                        “I Heart Kindness”                                               Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA


    Literature Primary

    1st  Isabella Van Orden                   “Inside of Me”                                                    Pivik PTA

    2nd  Morgan Dillen                            “Looking With In Morgan”                              Homeville Elementary PTA           


    Literature Intermediate

    1st  Hanna Schmeltz                         “Puzzle Piece”                                                 Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA

    2nd  Sanvi Banka                                “Look Within – It is Time to Save Our Planet”  Stephen C. Foster PTA            

    3rd  Danielle Parsons                         "The Look Within Factory”                                 Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA     

    4th  Tabitha Ranney                           “How the Cheetah Got Its Name”                     Thomas Jefferson Elementary School PTA

    5th  Molly Bozick                                “The Eye of The Hurricane A Haiku Series”        Edwin Markham PTA            

    HM Ava Elizabeth Sorley                “A Handful of Me”                                                 Jefferson Hills Intermediate PTA

    HM Miles Solomon                          “Crayon Wars: Pencils vs Crayons”                      Pivik PTA  


    Literature Middle

    1ST  Vivian Luo                                “Don’t Be Fooled"                                              Mellon Middle School PTA

    2nd  London Y. Nzambi                    “Diving In”                                                         Mellon Middle School PTA


    Literature High School

    1st  Katlyn Rose McElhinny            “Dear Granny,”                                                       West Mifflin Area High School PTSA

    2nd  Leah Crowley                             “Perception"                                                      West Mifflin Area High School PTSA

    3rd  Aubree Sample                         “The Sand Land”                                                  West Mifflin Area High School PTSA