Do you have a great idea? Goal? Dream? Does it feel so far away? Or can you feel it? Like you can jump up and just grab it? 

    These are the questions we are going to ask our students as we kickoff and promote this year’s Reflections Program and encourage them to think of creative ways to share this year's theme in a photograph, drawing, writing piece, dance, song or in a video.

    This year’s theme is Within Reachand for 2017-2018 and we are expecting to “reach” new levels of participation with some updated guidelines!

    The first step is to mark www.papta.org/reflections as a favorite on your computer!  Then check in for all the information on how to get started and when.  The answers are written all out in the HOW TO RUN A SUCCESSFUL REFLECTIONS PROGRAM and the time to start is NOW.

    There have been two IMPORTANT CHANGES in the rules so please note the following:

    • The accepted size of 2D visual arts pieces has been reduced to NO LARGER THAN 12”X15” (including matting). This has been changed for judging purposes.  It is extremely important for judges to physically examine the artwork, rather than through a photograph and this size is the largest to fit for shipping purposes.
    • 3D visual arts pieces will be judged physically on the local level but will not be shipped on to further level of judging except through the three photos provided by the artist. Again, shipping is an issue as well as damaged artwork.

    Dates are important.  Time is precious.  So, we are maintaining deadlines similar to last year.   Local units would run their program from September through October and collect entries the first week of November.  Local units would have a month to judge all entries and make sure all winners have their entry form CLEARLY AND COMPLETELY FILLED OUT to avoid disqualification and misunderstandings of age or category, etc. before forwarding the top 5 in each art category/age division to Council. Councils should NOT accept any artwork with incomplete entry forms. 

    • Local units should submit all winners to Council by December 1, 2017. Local units not part of a Council should submit their winners to their Region Reflections Chair by the same date. You can find who your Region Reflections Chair is by clicking on your Region # on the papta.org website.
    • Councils should judge and forward the top 3 in each art category/agedivision to Region Reflections Chair by January 5, 2018. Region Reflections Chair should have judged all non-council entries from the local units to forward only the top 3 in each art category/age division to be judged at the next (Region) level by the same date.
    • Region Reflections Chair should judge and forward only the top 3 winners in each art category/age division to the State Reflections Chair by February 2, 2018.

    Details of the judging process on the state level will be explained as plans are finalized. One important thing to know is that the annual PA PTA convention will be held in October in Pittsburgh where the members will elect a new Reflections/Arts In Education Chair for the next two years.   When that happens, all information will again, be updated on the reflections page so you can direct your questions and mail your region winners to the proper person.

    After State judging is complete, only the first place winners in each art category/age division are submitted to National level of judging by March 1st.  National usually does not reveal their winners until May 1st.

    We want to encourage all Chairpersons to form a committee and get the extra help.  Local units should ask the parents of the children who participate every year knowing they are invested in supporting their child to continue.  Councils should include all Local Reflections chair on their committees and Region should include all Council Reflections chair on theirs. Region Reflections Chair are considered part of the State Reflections Committee.

    We will take you step by step throughout the program and anything that does not seem clear can be answered by e-mail (nconnolly@papta.org) or text (570-955-9924).  We hope to be able to post “How-to” videos to be as helpful as possible. We are in the early stages of figuring that out so your patience is appreciated!

    We can’t say thank you enough for all of your efforts to offer this enriching Reflections program to our students and believe the possibility of our students winning on the national level is “Within Reach!”

     Cheering you on!!!!  

     Nellie Connolly, Arts in Education Chairman
    21 Kane Street Carbondale, PA 18407