• The 2021-22 PA PTA state Reflections winners list has been announced!

    Use the "2021-22 PA PTA Reflections Winners" link in the Contents column (⇐) to see the list.

    All Award of Excellence entries advanced to the National PTA Reflections' judging.

    PA PTA recognizes up to a maximum of 5 students in each art category & grade division.

    All Award of Merit winners are honored at the same level & their names are in alphabetical order.

    There are no longer any numerical "place" awards, such as 2nd - 5th place. 


    If you have trouble accessing your region's shared Google drive or if you do NOT have a narrow column of options on the left side of your computer screen that starts with a large "NEW" button, please email or call Bonnie Fagan ASAP (reflections@papta.org or 814-449-0996) . There is a quick fix! You do NOT have to have a "gmail" address to upload to the shared drive but people with "yahoo" email addresses seem to be having problems accessing the drives.


    Please note that several changes - detailed below - were made to the requirements for some categories on August 23, 2021.

    The changes have been made on the training Powerpoint presentation available in the column on the left; however, we were not able to change the content of the Reflections' training video that was taped before the changes were known.

    • The maximum size of a photo PRINT is 8" x 10" but, if optional matting is used, the maximum size for a photo entry is 11" x 14."
    • Entries in Dance Choreography, Music Composition and Film Production must not exceed 5 minutes in length OR 1,000 MB (1,000 megabytes) IN FILE SIZE 
    • The acceptable file formats for Dance Choreography & Film Production entries are MP4, MOV or AVI
    • The acceptable file formats for Music Composition entries are MP3 or WAV.
    • For Music Composition entries, middle and high school students can submit a written reflective statement that provides a musically technical explanation of how they wrote the music (100 words or less), in place of a notated score for the piece. 

     Welcome to the 2021-22 National Reflections Program!

    This year's theme of "I Will Change the World By..." will inspire students to think about the impact that they will have on our world!


    If you find any resources that appear to be from prior years, please contact Bonnie Fagan at reflections@papta.org 

    If you were unable to attend a Reflections training session

    or want to view the session again,

    here is the link to the recorded session:
    Please review/print the UPDATED PA PTA Local Unit Leaders' Guide from the column on the left.
    You must use the PA PTA Guide, as some rules for our state are different than National PTA's rules.
    Please use the links in the column on the left to get ALL of your information and materials for your PTA's Reflections program!
    Reflections chairpersons for local PTA units can decide how they want to receive entries this year:
    -as physical entries that students bring to school;
                                     - as electronic files that students email to the local unit chairperson or
                                      - offer a hybrid program where students can submit entries either way.
    Local unit leaders for PTA's that are NOT in a council will advance their entries as electronic files
    to a special email address for their region Reflections chairperson.
    Reflections chairpersons for PTA Councils will instruct their local units chairs about how they will receive entries.
    Reflections chairpersons for PTA Councils will then use the special email address for their region Reflections chair to forward their advancing entries. 
    Here is the link to the 2021-22 electronic Student Entry Form
    It is a 3-page Word document so you can personalize the introductory page but you cannot change the second page (official Reflections rules) or the third page (student entry form).  
    Please be sure to register your PTA as participating in this year's Reflections program
    with the National PTA
    AND with the Pennsylvania PTA by confirming with your president 
    that your name and contact information was sent to the state office.
    You can email send your name, the full name of your PTA and your contact information
    to reflections@papta.org and info@papta.org


    The following students were chosen as winners at the National PTA level of judging for Reflections in 2020-21:

    Award of Excellence - Lucy Bogar - Dance Choreography - Intermediate (Oaklyn Elem - Region 10)

    Award of Excellence - Raegan Williams - Visual Arts - Special Artist (North Pocono Intermediate - Region 16)

    Award of Merit - Sasha Erb - Music Composition - Intermediate (McMurray Elem - Region 4)

    Award of Merit - Safina Flipse - Literature - Primary (Pleasant Valley Elem - Region 4)

    Award of Merit - Vihaan Srinivasan - Literature - Intermediate (Shawnee Elem - Region 13)


    Questions? Please contact Bonnie Fagan, Chairman, Arts In Education Committee, (reflections@papta.org or 814-449-0996) 

    or the PA PTA Office (info@papta.org).

    THANK YOU for ensuring that the Arts in Education is alive and well in your area!!!