•  Why Advocate?

    Every day we are advocates without even realizing our actions. Have you ever thought of the times you go into a school to talk to your child’s teacher regarding your child’s education? Have you ever thought of that time you talked to the school nurse to make sure the school is aware of medical needs and how you would like them handled? Do you remember speaking to the principal regarding improvements you would like to see, or things you really like that the school provides?

    All of these situations constitute advocating for your child. What better way to make sure that your child gets what you believe they deserve than making your voice heard? Would you trust a TOTAL stranger to say what your child’s needs are? Would you let someone else tell you how your child is going to thrive? We, the parents, need to be the voice heard regarding our children.  

    Since 1897 when the Congress of Mothers was formed we have been advocating for our children. And the work is not any less important today. As a matter of fact our mission is still VERY much the same.

    Many of our members do not know all of the significant changes we have made for our children’s benefit. From fighting for Child Labor Laws, Providing Medical Services, Obtaining Hot Lunches, Vaccinations, addressing Juvenile Justice Issues, TV, Music, Movie ratings all the way to most recently defining Bullying, extending the driver’s license requirement, advocating for proper school funding, sport concussion management, and many, many more.

    There are many ways for PTA members to “support and speak on behalf of children”. 
    Together we can make a difference! Our children are worth it.

    National PTA Advocacy Page: http://www.pta.org/advocacy/