• State Office
    Pennsylvania PTA
    PO Box 4767
    5120 Derry St.
    Harrisburg, PA 17111-3440

    The Pennsylvania PTA state office is
    • the place to remit all dues, both state and national;
    • responsible for all mailings, including the President's Mailing and PTA in Pennsylvania; and
    • where you request additional membership cards.
    The state office also receives
    • all requests for Pennsylvania Honorary State Life Memberships and Child Advocacy Awards;
    • all correspondence for the state Board of Managers;
    • registration for all events, including the annual convention, summer leadership training and all other regional state-sponsored events;
    • subscriptions for PTA in Pennsylvania;
    • requests for model bylaws and guidelines, incorporation kits and sales tax exemption packets;
    • orders for pins and other PTA items and resources