• What is a Resolution

                 Resolutions are a formal way of stating intended action by a group of people.  A resolution is an original motion, which because of its importance, length, or complexity is submitted in writing.  It is then brought forward on the floor of a local unit general membership meeting, state convention, or national convention for wider adoption.


    Writing a Resolution

                Resolutions are your opportunity to address problems, situations, or concerns which affect children and youth and which require local action for solutions. Resolutions are an important part of PTAs advocacy efforts as well as program development.

    ·         Identify your issue – keep it simple

    ·         Ensure the issue has not been addressed at the local, state or national level

    ·         Research your issue

    ·         Whereas should support the resolved statements

    ·         Make sure the research clearly supports the statements and statistics used to support the resolve.

    ·         Relates to PTA’s areas of concern and is in harmony with the Objects and basic policies, but does not cite these Objects or policies in the whereas clauses

    ·         Background references are factual and verifiable, published no more than six years ago

    ·         Include two (2) background current references for each whereas (use 3 references when submitting to National  PTA)


                The whereas is the first half of the resolution. It explains WHY the action in the resolved clauses should be taken. It states past action, reasons for the action and your local unit PTA’s reasons for concern.

                The first word, of the whereas clause sets the "tone" for the statement, the stronger the conviction about an issue, the stronger the first word.

                Each clause in the whereas should be followed by a comma (,) and the word "and." The last clause in this section of the resolution should be followed by a colon (:).

                Some possible initiating phrases for whereas clauses:


    • Acknowledging
    • Alarmed
    • Approving
    • Concerned
    • Confident
    • Convinced
    • Declaring
    • Desiring
    • Deploring
    • Determined
    • Emphasizing
    • Endorsing
    • Expecting
    • Fulfilling
    • Mindful
    • Observing
    • Realizing
    • Recognizing
    • Reiterating
    • Seeking
    • Stressing
    • Welcoming



                The resolved clauses of a resolution tell the reader what ACTION which should be taken to solve the problem set up in the whereas. The resolved clauses should be the strongest part of your resolution. The first word of the resolved clause should be a verb, and should show what will follow in the clause. Each operative clause should end with a semi-colon (;). The last resolved clause should be followed by a period (.).

                Some possible initiating phrases for resolved clauses:


    ·         Accepts

    ·         Adopts

    ·         Affirms

    ·         Appeals

    ·         Appreciates

    ·         Approves

    ·         Authorizes

    ·         Calls upon

    ·         Commends

    ·         Concurs

    ·         Condemns

    ·         Confirms

    ·         Declares

    ·         Designates

    ·         Directs

    ·         Promotes

    ·         Recognizes

    ·         Recommends

    ·         Seeks

    ·         Suggests

    ·         Supports

    ·         Urges



            How to Format a Resolution for ABC Local Unit PTA


    Whereas;         ABC Local Unit PTA is seeking to adopt a specific policy, to address a situation which they feel impacts the members of their unit; and


    Whereas,         ABC Local Unit PTA will be as specific as possible about the issue, to show the relevance of the resolution to the organization; and


    Whereas,         Each whereas supports the resolved statements; and


    Whereas,         ABC Local Unit PTA will provide factual examples making sure the research clearly supports the statements and statistics used to support the resolve; and


    Whereas,         These examples exemplify why action should be taken; therefore be it


    Resolved,        ABC Local Unit PTA will offer specific recommendations for action that will help to turn the negative situation into a positive one; be it further


    Resolved,        The resolved is the true meat of the resolution as it moves away from stating why something is wrong, and offers solutions to correct the problem; be it further


    Resolved,        ABC Local Unit PTA will be as specific and detailed as possible with the offered solution.