• Format Requirements



    Be accompanied by the appropriate and properly completed cover sheet



    Have the cover sheet signed by the President of the submitted constituent organization



    Contain a summary statement of the resolution, no more than 150 words, that capture the intent and scope of the full resolution.



    Have correct grammar and spelling throughout.



    Include a table of contents.



    Include a reference sheet that substantiates each “whereas” statement by referencing the page or pages that provide(s) documentation in the submitted background material.



    Include not more than 25 double-sided or 50 single-sided pages, numbered consecutively, printed in type not smaller than 10 point, with 1” margins. 



    Be received in the Pennsylvania PTA office April 1st.  (In the event the 1st  falls on a weekend, the resolution will be accepted on the next business day).  Resolutions not received by the deadline will not be considered until the following year.



    Not be submitted by facsimile (faxes) or electronic mail (email).



    Background Requirements:



    Relate to the education, health, safety, or welfare of children and youth, or parental education and involvement of parents. 



    Be in harmony with the purposes and basic policies of PTA, as stated in the bylaws of every constituent organization.



    Concern a matter that is national is scope, written in national language with a national focus, and requiring nationwide action for solution.



    Demonstrate with background information that the issue is statewide in scope.



    State a position or resolution not previously adopted by the Pennsylvania or National PTA.   



    Include “whereas” statements that do not cite the Purposes or Position Statements of Pennsylvania or National PTA as they are already established and assumed, although Purposes or Position Statements can be included in the rationale. 



    Provide three (3) background references from three (3) different sources for each “whereas” using clear and concise information that is factual and verifiable, which are required as proof.



    Use references that are bracketed and numbered in the background material, indicating which “whereas” statement they support.



    Not use PTA materials as documentation.



    Include date appropriate references (published no more than six (6) years ago).



    Include primary source materials.



    Contain clear and concise information.



    Include, on each page, the author, title, publisher, and date for each source.  Online sources must include the URL.



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