• Criteria for Submitting a Resolution to Pennsylvania PTA

    All resolutions must be RECEIVED in the State PTA office by April 1, prior to the year of convention in which the resolutions will be voted upon, if accepted.  NO FACSIMILIES (FAX) WILL BE ACCEPTED, ONLY HARD-COPY MAILED SUBMISSIONS.

    STEP 1


    ·         In harmony with the purposes and basic policies of PTA

    ·         Addresses issue of statewide concern related to the education, health, safety, or welfare of children and youth, or parental education and involvement of parents

    ·         Not addressed in a position statement previously adopted by Pennsylvania or National PTA

    ·         Not addressed in a Resolution previously adopted by Pennsylvania or National PTA

    STEP 2


    ·         Correct grammar and spelling throughout

    ·         Clear and concise language in all “Whereas” statements

    ·         Font size no smaller than 10 with 1 inch page margins

    STEP 3


    ·         Cover sheet completed and included with proper signatures (Page 1)

    ·         Table of Contents (Page 2)

    ·         Summary statement of the resolution, no more than 150 words, that captures the intent and scope of the full resolution (Page 3)

    ·         Rationale for resolution (Page 4)

    ·         Reference summary that substantiates each “Whereas” statement by referencing the page or pages that provides the documentation in the submitted background material  (Page 5)

    ·         Background material:

    o    Not more than 25 double- sided or 50 single- sided pages

    o    All pages numbered consecutively

    o    Each page with the author, title, publisher, and date for each source.  Online sources should include the URL

    o    Resources from a variety of sources (must have three (3) per “Whereas” statement) that are factual and verifiable and published no more than six (6) years prior

    o    PTA documents not included as background support

    o    Articles included in their entirety

    o    Support for each “Whereas” statement shown in the background references with brackets and indication as to which “Whereas” statement it supports


    Please note that not following the above steps might jeopardize your resolution from moving forward!

    Mail your completed submission to:                            Pennsylvania PTA   
                                                                                                  Attn:  Resolutions Committee

                                                                                                  4804 Derry Street

                                                                                                  Harrisburg, PA  17111